1143 Military Ave. Baxter Springs, KS 66713


Decades of Wheels

About Decades of Wheels

The Decades of Wheels museum is a tribute to beloved cars and motorcycles throughout history, from a Model T and Hellcat Chargers to vintage Corvettes and a ‘71 Husqvarna owned by Steve McQueen. A 200+ vehicle personal collection of a private citizen is being turned into the Decades of Wheels museum!

The Baxter Springs, Kansas, museum sits on Route 66 and is dedicated to the preservation of the history of this iconic highway, as well as the golden age of automotive history. In our rotating display of vehicles and motorcycles, you’ll find representatives from the very beginning of automotive history to the latest, leading-edge vehicles of today. It’s all here, including historically significant cars and motorcycles, muscle/performance cars, and classic cars. We’ve got movie cars that make a big statement, too, like Herbie the Lovebug, the Black Beauty from Green Hornet, Dragula from The Munsters, the Back to the Future DeLorean, the Ghostbusters car, and multiple Batmobiles.

Spend the entire day on Military Avenue, where we are located, with a visit to the Decades of Wheels museum, then a family-friendly restaurant, kids’ funhouse, and a dessert bar.